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1. No more than six (6) pickleball/tennis balls shall be allowed on the courts at any time, except during City authorized instruction from Tennacity staff.

2. Teaching is not allowed on the courts, except during City authorized instruction from Tennacity staff.

3. All courts are to be used for pickleball & tennis play or City authorized programs only. Volleyball, soccer, basketball, or other unrelated sport(s) are not allowed.

4. Animals are not allowed on the courts with the exception of service animals, which must be on a leash not more than six (6) feet long and not interfere with the play of other courts.

5. Bicycles, scooters, skateboards or roller skates are not allowed on the courts, unless part of an approved City authorized program.

6. Only persons wearing tennis shoes shall be allowed. Black soled shoes that leave marks are not allowed.

7. All courts will be closed during inclement weather and will not be opened until playing conditions and surfaces are deemed safe and free from any puddles, streaks or potential hazards.

8. City authorized programs have priority over all other uses.

9. All players are expected to treat all other players & staff respectfully.

Unacceptable actions include:

-Being abusive or showing aggression towards another player or staff.

-Intimidating and/or threatening another player or staff

-Creating a danger to another player or staff

-Vulgar and/or offensive language or staff

Violations of the Plummer Park Pickleball & Tennis Rules & Regulations may result in loss of booking and play privileges.

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